PlantWe believe that long term success can only be achieved in an environment that provides sustainable benefits to all stakeholders.

We are fully committed to the work we do in the community, be it participation or donation. We are proud of our association with the charities and community programs in which we participate.

We are actively involved in sponsoring sporting teams in the local communities in which we operate.

Our staff and our Company is actively involved in supporting Compassion - an international child development and child advocacy ministry supporting children in extreme poverty.

We are supporting the Australian Employment Covenant (AEC), an initiative aimed at securing 50,000 sustainable jobs for Indigenous Australians.

We also contribute our expertise to informing economic and environmental issues through submissions to decision-makers at a government and public policy level.

We recognize the important role we play is preserving and protecting the marine environment through our HSEQ program and practices and our commitment to operate new build vessels that minimize their footprint on the environment.